Frequently Asked Questions

The Series:

What is the strong soul series?

An automated monthly education series where members will receive content video lessons, interactive workbooks, meal templates and resources all shaped around the monthly health, wellness or fitness topic.

A membership program to give you the tools to stopping holding yourself back and start living your best life!

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What are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • Exclusive access to us, two Nutritional Therapy Practitioners to support you in your health journey

  • Evidence based, backed by science video lessons

  • Interactive workbooks to help you dig deep and empower you + resources with simple action steps

  • Opportunity to suggest a monthly topic based on your personal challenges

  • Discounted pricing for your commitment and investment in your health

How can this program help me?

  • Get crystal clear on how you can transform your health and wellness

  • Helps you navigate the overwhelming amount of nutrition and wellness information and determine what is right for you

  • By being an active member, you might experience increased energy, more focus and clarity, clearer skin, balanced hormones and less period pain, and develop and reach fitness goals for your body.

Subscriptions & Billing:

What are my subscription options?

  • THE MONTHLY Strong Soul subscriber: Just like Netflix, payment will automatically be billed on the 1st of every month. You will receive a 5% discount off the a la carte pricing for your monthly loyalty. Monthly members invest $80 per month.

  • THE 3 MONTH, DIP MY TOES IN, Strong Soul subscriber: Same awesome content, same automated billing except for you are rewarded with a 8% discount off the a la carte pricing for your “I want a change” 3 month investment towards your health. 3 month subscribers are billed on the date they enroll, every third month, an investment of $234.

  • THE 6 MONTH, GAME CHANGING, Strong Soul subscriber: Same awesome content, same automated billing, but NOW because of your dedication to your health and wellness, you are rewarded with a whopping 10% discount off the a la carte pricing. 6 month subscribers are billed on the date they enroll, twice a year, every 6 months, with an investment of $456. BONUS: These members will also receive a 5% discount on previous content lessons that took place prior to joining the program.

What if I sign up in the middle of the month?

No problem! Even though we encourage members to sign up at the beginning of the month, no matter when you sign up you will have access to all of the materials, resources and video lessons. You will have lifetime access to the months you have purchased so you can always come back to the content.

I recently subscribed, do i have access to previous month’s content?

No. Your subscription starts whatever month you sign during and then moves forward based on your subscription plan. Previous content series are available for purchase for an investment of $85. If you are a 6 month Strong Soul subscriber, you will receive a 5% discount on previous content.

For Members:

I enrolled, where do I start?

  1. You will receive a WELCOME email that provides you with passwords you need to login to the member content.

  2. Go to the SERIES LOGIN to fill out the new member questionnaire. On this page, you will also be able to submit topics and ask us questions.

  3. Now you are ready! The START LEARNING tab will direct you to the monthly content. Be sure to bookmark this page or find it in the top right corner of our website. You will need the monthly password to get full access to the series content.

Why isn’t my password working?

Each monthly series has a different password that is emailed to subscribers at the beginning of each month. Double check that you are entering the NEW password for the month and not a previously used password. It would be a good idea to save the monthly emails in a folder within your inbox so that you always have access to the content and passwords.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please email us.

Do you still accept clients?

You bet! If you are looking for 1:1 individualized support with more frequent appointments and assistance with specific health challenges you are facing, we would love to help! Our 1:1 clients receive an in-depth symptom analysis, periodic food journal evaluations, personalized goal setting, and support for navigating healing protocols.

Submit a request and together we will look over your case to determine which one of us can help you the best based on our backgrounds and specialities.

Strong Soul Subscribers with an active subscription may be eligible for a client discount.