two nutritional therapy practitioners, one mission:

to help women feel confident and strong in their own body
by giving them the tools to take ownership of their life
and to empower them in their health journey.


“The Strong Soul Series is built on three strong core beliefs
to help you become the best version of yourself.”



We believe every woman should feel empowered. A woman should feel sexy, confident, strong, and beautiful in her body - embracing the wild, the calm, and everything between


We give you the tools you need to let go of what’s holding you back. With that knowledge, you can empower yourself to become the best version of you.


We believe that by building a sustainable lifestyle, you will be able to endure any obstacles that come your way.


When your hormones are balanced you will feel empowered, confident and ready to take on the world!


Who needs The Strong Soul Series?


You feel like half of your life is spent stuck in the carpool lane. Between running the kids to their activities and making sure every mouth is fed at the table, you never have time - or energy - to take care of yourself, let alone have five minutes of peace and quiet.


You practically survive off of latte’s and quick snacks. You are constantly striving to make it to that next level at your job. You stay up way too late and fall asleep with your laptop on top of your bed sheets. You worry that if you sit down and take a break, you’ll never start back up again.


You are either newly diagnosed or have been for a while. You are bordering on the edge of burn out from going doctor to doctor only to be referred again, handed another prescription, and rushed out of the door in under 15 minutes. You have trouble getting through your day with a lack of energy, Your brain just won’t stay focused, You spend your evenings googling, and you are PARALYZED by information overload. You want to take care of yourself but the combination of zero energy and too much information has you unsure where to begin.


You’ve spent years thinking your self-worth lies in the numbers you hit in the gym. At this point, you don’t have as much energy for your workouts as you have in the past, you have some nagging injuries you’re avoiding, and you might be dealing with a few other health issues that cropped up out of nowhere. Your trainer keeps telling you to get over yourself and you’re worried if you take a few rest days, that means you’re lazy, you’ll be thrown off track, and you won’t be the same person.


What’s included


Feel Supported

Don’t waste your time chatting with a computer algorithm. Get real, personalized support from the team for questions, advice, or whatever you need.

Make Sustainable Progress

Tired of having to figure it all out yourself and giving up a few months in? You’ll get backed-by-science video lessons and live coaching calls to help your take to action with your health.

Create Your Toolbox

Download PDF resources to create your best life. Learn how to approach health & wellness holistically by finding what works specifically for you, not just what the internet says is right.

One-on-One Coaching

You fill out some paperwork and we put our heads together to create the best plan for you. No more referring to Dr. Google. Get a customized health & wellness plan to balance your hormones and start working with your body.

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The Strong Soul Difference

Self-Paced Courses Designed for You

Science-Based Topics to Heal Your Hormones

Comprehensive Video Lessons

Guided Workbooks to Complement Lessons

PDF Lifestyle + Nutrition Guides

Private + Supportive Facebook Community

Not 1 but 2 Holistic Nutritionists Supporting Your Best

What’s Included?

Courses Include Individualized Nutrition Consulting

Comprehensive Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessments

Food Journal Audits with Personalized Feedback

Assistance in Getting to the Root Cause of Hormone Balance

Individualized Nutrition Protocol

Additional Monthly Consulting Call (video chat)

Lifetime Access


“You’re not just buying a nutrition program. You’re investing in yourself with two passionate professionals coaching you to hormonal balance.”


how it works


Enroll in the latest course

Automated payment plan options

Mark your calendars for the upcoming coaching calls

Interact with us through the Private Facebook Community + Live Coaching Calls

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What is a “strong soul”?



Your mindset is what sets you apart from others. It’s the difference between success and giving up. What doesn’t support you and fill you up is of no use to your growth.




Giving your body nutrient-dense food choices is the foundation of a strong, healthy body. Eating foods that make you feel your best is a powerful act of self-love.




Movement is a vital element on your journey. Moving your body daily keeps your physical and mental state in alignment with your best self. Movement keeps us young, vibrant, and strong.




Being in-tune with your body is one of the most important things you can do. Knowing what your body needs in any given moment will make this a sustainable lifestyle. We believe in a mind, body and soul approach to wellness.